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I wouldn’t be the first person to say news media has become nothing more than a megaphone for left-leaning causes.  Especially on cultural issues.  Check out this link from East Idaho News.  The story originated at the Idaho Statesman.  It’s designed to pull at your heart strings with sad tales of people who’ve suffered tragedy and then found solace in weed. 

Can we put aside the emotion and get down to brass tacks on the issues of medical and recreational marijuana?

Now, the thing is, there may not be much evidence marijuana is actually providing relief.  Not much scientific evidence.  On the other hand, the users believe it offers relief.  If nothing else, I suppose it’s an escape.  “Self-medication,” is how a friend tells me his primary care physician labels the use.

Can we put aside the emotion and get down to brass tacks on the issues of medical and recreational marijuana?  First, can the two be separated?

When I see an argument that says “Idaho is the only state in the region _________ ___ _____ ________,” does it mean Idahoans are wrong?

This morning I read a column at the Washington Post where a writer praised the latest federal stimulus package because it’s popular with the public.  Does popularity make right?  Locking up Americans of Japanese ancestry was once popular.

Periodically, we’re confronted with news of a mass shooting in America.  Whether at a shopping plaza, a school or a church.  Immediately there are calls to curb the Second Amendment.  While emotions are running hot and logic is sometimes sacrificed.

My point today isn’t a criticism of marijuana.  It’s a criticism of mainstream media building a case based on an emotional argument.  It also should tell us where most reporters and editors personally stand on legalization.  Not much balance

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