ICYMI: Glenn Youngkin's Lies About Marijuana Legalization Earn Three Pinocchios From The Washington Post – Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — This week, Virginians learned that Glenn Youngkin has been lying to them about his far-right agenda. Now, a new Washington Post fact check shows Youngkin’s lies extend beyond his extreme stance on abortion. While marijuana legalization has bipartisan support from Virginians across the commonwealth, Youngkin has tried to undermine it with false claims about its economic benefits.

Youngkin earned “Three Pinocchios” in a new Washington Post analysis for his baseless criticism of marijuana legalization policies that have, in fact, outperformed revenue projections in multiple states.

See below for key excerpts and read the full report here.

The Washington Post: Youngkin wrongly claims ‘every single state’ has earned disappointing cannabis revenue

By Glenn Kessler

“Do not count on the revenue from legalized marijuana to amount to anything. It hasn’t worked in Colorado, it hasn’t worked in California, it hasn’t worked in Oregon. This has been a false advertisement.”
— Glenn Youngkin, Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, in remarks at the Fredericksburg Virginia Patriots’ Governor’s Candidate Forum, Feb. 28

“The economic package that has been sold will wildly disappoint. Every single state that has adopted legalizing marijuana has been disappointed by the economic model.”
— Youngkin, remarks at a meet-and-greet event in Virginia Beach, March 15

“It just has fundamentally underperformed in every state where they have used this misguided justification for pressing forward with marijuana.”
— Youngkin, interview on WLNI’s “The Morningline,” May 14

On July 1, marijuana possession in small amounts became legal in Virginia, with government-regulated commercial sales of cannabis due to begin exactly three years later. It’s fair to say that Youngkin, the Republican nominee for governor, is not a fan of marijuana — he says he’s never known a habitual user to succeed in life — but his campaign recently denied a claim by Democratic rival Terry McAuliffe that he would seek to repeal legalization

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