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Las Vegas (KLAS) — Increasing crime on the Las Vegas Strip has given Team I exclusive access to metro operations on one of the biggest weekends of the year.

On this past anniversary, Nevada was two days away from lifting the COVID-19 restriction. Metropolitan police prepared for what Lieutenant William Macco called the largest trafficking activity ever done.

“The presence of uniformed police officers on the streets is a great deterrent to crime,” he told us. “And that’s what our institution is trying to focus on.”

He said prostitutes were targeted and about half of the prostitutes his team was tracking had gang ties. The I-Team was embedded because several masks were working, including an officer disguised as a prostitute.

“If they are prostitutes, they usually have other criminal records,” she said.

Macco reported a total of 14 arrests for the night’s operations, including three pimps.

While the lieutenant’s team was working, the Strip had another mission called “sustainable pressure operations.”

“We are very prominent as officers and want to interact with tourists, engage with them and reduce violent crime through those methods,” said Lieutenant Jose Hernandez.

He says the operation began last fall after the department noticed a surge in violent crimes such as assault, robbery, batteries and shooting.

“Many people from outside the state came here to the Las Vegas Strip because the business was closed but the sidewalks were open,” explained Hernandez. “So we got together on Las Vegas Boulevard and noticed a lot of people coming out, and unfortunately the majority of the people who came out caused a lot of our problems. ”

He says it was backed by other agencies such as the Nevada Highway Patrol and the Clark County School District Police.

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