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In this week’s Marijuana Market Update, I tackle Tilray Inc.’s (Nasdaq: TLRY) recent merger and what it means for its stock going forward.

Last week, I asked for your feedback on how your cannabis investments.

I love reading your success stories based on our Cannabis Watchlist and weekly videos!

While poring through your responses, one cannabis company kept popping up.

Dieter from Switzerland emailed me at

He asked:

I’ve been following you for a couple of weeks, and I am thrilled about your very valuable recommendations on different U.S. companies around the cannabis market. Thank you!

 Still, I am wondering why you have not stressed on Tilray Inc. Their shares have incredibly jumped up over the last few weeks.

What is your assessment of this?

On YouTube, William commented:

Tilray & Aphria merger! They are the king of cannabis.

They are doing a partnership with Budweiser; they own Sweetwater Brewery, and they have major contracts in Europe for medical marijuana.

Jon emailed me and asked:

Hey Matt! Love the videos. Great information. But I’m curious why you haven’t added Tilray to your watchlist on Money & Markets. Love to hear what you think! Jon.

Thank you, Dieter, William, Jon and everyone else who took the time to write in! Keep those emails coming.

About Tilray Inc.

Tilray Inc. (Nasdaq: TLRY) is a jack-of-all-trades cannabis company. It researches, cultivates, processes, distributes and even markets cannabis and hemp products.

In December, Tilray and Aphria Inc. (Nasdaq: APHA) announced a merger.

Aphria, a Canada-based cannabis producer and distributor, is overpaying for Tilray by about 9%, which isn’t necessarily bad.

That puts the new company in direct competition with Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC) — the largest cannabis company by market value.

Investors pushed both Aphria and Tilray

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