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Medical marijuana was legalized in the Commonwealth of Virginia in the Spring of 2020. The bill passage in the Virginia General Assembly made it the third state to legalize cannabis through the legislature. The state legislature also decriminalized small amounts of cannabis in 2020. 

Although Virginia’s program is still a bit behind more some states, there has been massive improvements in the past year. Patients now have stronger protections from arrest – so long as they’re following the rules – several dispensaries have opened and they’ve even approved the sale of flower which was strictly forbidden until now. 

In this article, we’ll provide some more in-depth information about how to get your medical marijuana card in Virginia.

How to get an MMJ card in Virginia – general overview

It’s a pretty simple process to get a medical marijuana certification in Virginia. All you need to do is:

1) Find a Virginia state-licensed medical marijuana doctor.

2) See the doctor for an evaluation online or in-person.

3) Register with the state.

Let’s go into a little more detail about this process. 

Find a Virginia state-licensed MMJ doctor 

To become a medical cannabis patient in Virginia, you must first find a licensed physician who can give you a recommendation. The physician must be registered with Virginia’s Board of Pharmacy to be legally allowed to give cannabis recommendations. To find a qualified doctor, the state keeps a database of qualified physicians, or you can just head on over to and see a medical marijuana doctor online for just $149. 

All NuggMD practitioners are licensed and in good standing in the state for which they provide recommendations and have received all necessary training and certificates.

See the physician for an evaluation  

Unlike other states, there is currently no official

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