How To Get A Medical Marijauana Card In New Jersey – Cape May County Herald

If you’re living in New Jersey, you may qualify for the medical marijuana program, but you’ll need to see a state-licensed medical marijuana doctor to find out.

We want to help you learn more about how to qualify for medical marijuana, how to find a New Jersey medical marijuana doctor, and how to receive a fully-online medical marijuana evaluation using NuggMD for just $149. All required yearly follow-ups are only $99! 

Why Become a New Jersey Medical Marijuana Patient?

New Jersey voted to legalize recreational marijuana, but the state is still developing the rules that will allow legal adult-use sales at dispensaries. Until then, New Jersey residents who wish to use marijuana must enroll in the Health Department’s MMJ program.

New Jersey medical marijuana patients have access to up to 3 ounces of cannabis in 30 days. Qualifying patients also can designate a caregiver that may assist them in purchasing and dispensing their medicinal cannabis.

Edibles recently became available thanks to the Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act. The legislation also eliminates sales taxes for medical patients (but not recreational patients) by 2022, allows dispensaries to offer a delivery service, and provides additional employment protections for patients.

So, the sort answer is, 1) because MMJ patients can possess more cannabis, 2) they can purchase a wide variety of products that can be delivered to their homes, 3) they will see significant tax savings, and 4) it’s the only way to buy cannabis legally in New Jersey until the state’s recreational marijuana regulations are complete. 

How Do I Become a Medical Marijuana Patient In New Jersey?

Enrolling in the program is a relatively simple process, and the team at NuggMD is always available to help you. Patients must

●      find a state-licensed cannabis physician,

●      get

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