How to get a job in cannabis, according to top recruiters – Business Insider

If you’re looking for a new gig, the burgeoning cannabis industry is probably a good place to start.

As the industry grows and cannabis becomes legal in more parts of the US, the number of cannabis-related job postings has quadrupled, from 231 per million in May 2016 to 915 per million in May 2019, according to data from the job search site Indeed.

More people are looking for jobs in the industry as well. Over the same period, cannabis-related job searches have skyrocketed 650%.

“There are very few industries that have seen a sevenfold increase in job-seeker searches in three years,” Andrew Flowers, an economist at Indeed and the author of a recent report on cannabis hiring told Business Insider in August.

While reliable numbers are hard to come by, a recent report from the Toronto-based investment bank Echelon Wealth Partners predicts the US cannabis industry will become a $60 billion market if legalized federally, up from under $20 billion under the patchwork laws today.

The cannabis industry is complex and companies are hiring people with a variety of backgrounds, from entry-level retail to senior-level finance and M&A positions, to pharmacists, biochemists, and horticulture experts.

To get a sense of how to best land a job in the booming industry, Business Insider spoke with some of the top recruiters in the cannabis world. Here are their best tips.

Tip No. 1: Bring a ‘startup’ mindset.

Like any new, exciting space, cannabis companies are growing rapidly. But unlike many other industries, cannabis companies are operating in a murky legal climate where regulations are constantly shifting and businesses are sometimes forced to pivot on a dime.

“People call it ‘cannabis time’ because things are just moving so fast,” said Katherine Kramer, a research associate at the executive search firm Whitney Partners. “You

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