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In this series, we help out the bumper crop of cannabis lovers who can legally grow a pound, so they can save money and ensure a clean harvest. Starting off: the first of three blockbuster strains, Blue Dream!

Go ahead and try and shame us, but we like Blue Dream. This blockbuster cross of DJ Short’s Blueberry and the elemental sativa Haze is the 50/50 daytime hybrid we need in our lives.

So what if it’s too popular? We don’t stop liking things just because others embrace our tastes.

Here’s where and how to buy legal Blue Dream seeds and clones (growers call ‘em “genetics”) in America’s legal cannabis markets and beyond. Wondering if you’re legal? Click here to read a state-by-state breakdown of homegrow laws.

Getting Blue Dream Seeds Worldwide

You can find the full Blue Dream genetics on sale at online seed banks, which are direct-to-consumer online retailers who carry cultivars from multiple breeders. I Love Growing Marijuana and Seed King both list Blue Dream options.

Keep in mind, online retail legality varies by state and country. Check state and national laws to know what’s legal. Many of online sellers claim they skirt the law by saying seeds are for “novelty” use only.


Cannabis Seeds 101: All You Need to Know and More

Breeder DJ Short still sells his half of Blue Dream, “Blueberry”—as well as related strain Flo—through his company Old World Genetics. Short told Leafly that Old World Genetics seeds are carried at Neptune Seed Bank, Oregon Lite Seeds, and Seeds Here Now. Neptune is a UK seed bank, while Oregon Lite Seeds sells online from Oregon, and Seeds Here Now is a major online retailer as well. If you want to buy offline, California, Oregon, and Colorado might be the easiest

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