How The Cure Company Became A $100 Million Cannabis Brand – Forbes

Very few cannabis companies grow weed as consistently and with a massive, devoted following as The Cure Company. Its parent, Perennial, operates an impressive umbrella of brands and storefronts including The Originals, Kush Valley Collective, Lifts Prerolls, DTPG Collective, Freeway Cannabis made in collaboration with Rick Ross, and more. Because of its legendary cultivation roots growing in Southern California, dating back to its medical collective founding in 2006, The Cure Company is responsible today for some of the most beloved strains in the country.

While other companies have skirted by on sleek packaging and branding alone, The Cure Company has been growing insanely good weed. CEO Patrick Stad is an exuberant cannabis OG with more lights operating in Los Angeles than the humble, unassuming brand is given credit for. Its grow operations are among the largest in Los Angeles with over 5,400 lights and counting.

The Cure Company has been grandfathered into California’s competitive marketplace due to its standing as a medical marijuana provider for a decade before recreational legalization took place. What began as a collective called City Compassionate Caregivers, today The Cure Company has evolved into a massive operation in the heart of downtown. It employs over 350 people and operates 5 retail locations across the state with a 6th opening this year. 

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