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Some are ready to call it quits on the cannabis market.

But the Green Revolution has only just gotten started.

The big plays—Canopy Growth Corp, Aurora, Cronos Group—saw big gains in 2017 but slowed down in 2018 and seem to have stalled in 2019.

Some worry that it’s just a big bubble—but they’re not looking closely enough.

There are plenty of opportunities for investors looking to cash in on the cannabis boom—and TruTrace Technologies (CSE:TTT; OTC:TTTSF). is one of them.

The genius of TruTrace is simple – it’s taking tech solutions to the problems of the still under-developed, under-supported cannabis supply chain.

And where other cannabis plays have focused on production – which firms have the most product, the lowest prices, the biggest chunk of market – TruTrace hopes to make a splash by tackling the issues surrounding the emergence of a new market—one that could be worth billions of dollars.

Here are 5 reasons to keep an eye on TruTrace (CSE:TTT; OTC:TTTSF).

#1 The Cannabis Market is Still Growing

We’ve all read the headlines.

Cannabis produced $6 billion in deal value between 2015 and 2018.

Estimates peg the legal cannabis market at $66 billion by 2025.

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But it could be much, much bigger.

Legislation, from Canada to Uruguay to the United Kingdom, has made cannabis more accessible. But most cannabis consumption is still managed through the illegal market—which could be much, much bigger than the current retail market.

Then there’s the growth potential.

Take alcohol. In 2017, the global alcohol market was $1.4 trillion.

But cannabis is in many ways a superior relaxant, with fewer religious and dietary restrictions/

If the potential exists for cannabis to exceed alcohol, that means the growth potential is colossal…we could be talking trillions, not billions.

What is happening is quite literally a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity. And while a few big names have dominated

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