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We all know the reputation of the classic cannabis brownie, whether we’ve experienced it or not: an hour or two of nothing, followed by a melt-into-the-couch experience. Some people are into that cannabis cliff-dive—and if you are, you do you. For the rest of us, there’s a better edible.

Nano edibles, like Nano Gummies by Select, are a discreet, gentle alternative to the traditional edible. They’re just as convenient, discreet, and portable, but kick in quickly with effects closer to smoking or vaping than your typical homemade cannabis cookie.

The best part: They’re available in legal cannabis states throughout the U.S. Here’s how Select fixed the infamous edible issues in a tasty, convenient gummy.

The science behind traditional edibles

“When the edibles kick in” is a meme for a reason—remember the cop who called 911 after eating an edible? It’s jarring to go from two hours of complete sobriety to deeply feel the effects of THC in just a couple of minutes, but there’s a scientific explanation for why this happens.

Cannabinoids are extremely fat-soluble, so traditional edibles, like the kind that can be made in an average kitchen, rely on fat to deliver cannabis into your body. It’s a reliable way to make an edible, but it hits your system differently, biologically-speaking. When it’s delivered in fat, THC doesn’t hit your system until digestion, potentially delaying the effects for hours. The dramatic onset comes from how it’s absorbed after that long waiting period—through the liver. That process alters cannabinoids on the molecular level, which is why edibles give that unique kind of high.

Building a better edible—with water

Nano edibles work differently. Thanks to a process called nano-emulsion, edibles like Nano Gummies are able to use water-soluble cannabinoids, not fat-soluble. But cannabinoids won’t cling to water on their own.

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