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Every month it seems like a new state is considering legalizing marijuana, whether medically or recreationally. There has been a large push to nationally legalize marijuana in the last couple of years because of its countless benefits. The problem is the recent legalization of recreational use has pushed people away from getting medical marijuana cards, effectively raising the prices of medical marijuana.

There are 10 states that have access to both medical and recreational marijuana for adults. Since the legalization of recreational marijuana, the medical marijuana industry has suffered slightly, making it harder for those who actually require it for healing. Four of these states- Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, and Alaska- have seen slight declines in medical marijuana patients. The majority of “patients” who obtained a medical marijuana card opted out to pay for recreational marijuana like everyone else, the problem is, that left the medical marijuana industry struggling to breathe. Ironically enough, Colorado continues to update their medical cannabis regulations, and still have around 80,000 medical patients, which is rather impressive well into legalization.

The state to be hit the worst has actually been Oregon, who has seen medical-only retail shops drop from 400 to two since the legalization of recreational marijuana. Not only does this leave many crucial operations struggling, but it also causes the prices of their products to increase so the company can survive. The second-largest hit has been Alaska, who has seen a drop of 63 percent of medical marijuana cardholders when recreational legalization took place in 2016.

In California, where data on medical patients aren’t recorded, the price of medical marijuana has tripled since the legalization of recreational marijuana. The price of eighths were once as cheap as $35 for medical patients but is

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