How Marijuana Impacts Your Gambling – Vegas Casinos and Marijuana –

After the legalization of recreational marijuana in Nevada, it was only a matter of time before Las Vegas saw an influx of vendors for the well-known psychoactive drug.

Now that Las Vegas is filled with cannabis stores, many gamblers have found themselves smoking or consuming marijuana or edibles before gambling. This is a practice that at best is foolish and, at worst, can cost you some serious cash.

Here are several reasons why consuming marijuana before gambling is a bad idea.

Marijuana Slows Reaction Time

One of the biggest reasons why it’s not a good idea to consume marijuana in any form before gambling is the effect it will have on your reaction time.

Marijuana is well-known to affect reaction time, but you might be asking yourself, why does my reaction time matter in a casino? It’s a good question, and it has a right answer. Gambling in many forms requires you to move quickly and make fast decisions for a simple reason. It’s because you’re often playing with other people.

Let’s look at an example. Imagine that you’re playing craps for real money . Everyone around you has had maybe a drink or two at best, which means they’re paying attention to every roll of the dice. When bets are being made, they’re usually being made quickly. It’s a fast-paced game. And because everyone is playing together, they’re all counting on you to make your bets at the same speed they’re making their own.

That means they expect you to not only know the game and its ins and outs, but they also expect you to make your bets quickly.

If you don’t, you’re going to be the most hated guy at the table (unless you’re making a lot of don’t pass bets at the same time,

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