How Can You Get Legal Medical Marijuana Now in New York State? –

So in March of 2021, New York State legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Ok, that is not a news flash. You can have it legally. Eventually you will be able to go to a state licensed recreational use dispensary and make a purchase, but where can you get it now in New York State and who can buy it?

Well, because this is New York there are a lot of “rules” surrounding who can purchase it legally and how. Currently, the only way to purchase it legally in New York is to be able to use it medically.

How can you get the medical marijuana card?

You need to have an approved medical condition and be seen by an approved Marijuana Medical Practitioner.The practitioner will certify you as having a condition that is approved by New York State.Once you are certified, you will need to register with New York State. Then you will get a temporary card, which along with a Government Issued ID, can be used to make a purchase at one of the New York State registered dispensary’s.You are allowed to purchase up to a 30-day supply of marijuana, as deemed by your medical professional.

If you are in New York, and have a medically marijuana card from another state, can you use it here in New York? No.

As New York continues to iron out the how’s and where’s of recreational marijuana, they will (allegedly) continue to update their website. 

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