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The race for Nevada’s Congressional District 4 seat in the 2020 general election is pitting candidates from four different political parties against one another, with the incumbent Democrat facing challenges from a Republican contender as well as candidates representing the Libertarian and Independent American parties.

Jonathan Royce Esteban


The Libertarian candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, Esteban, said he feels the actions and policies of elected representatives today seem to be solely driven by the two major political parties’ agendas, and that’s why he believes it’s high time voters begin to look outside of the Republican and Democrat parties for the answers they are seeking.

“When I first announced my candidacy, I really wanted it to represent the working-class people, I wanted to represent the everyday people. I feel that our representation in district 4 has been very absent, that Steven Horsford hasn’t quite connected with his constituents. I don’t feel that Horsford is working for Nevada, I feel that he is working for the party,” Esteban stated in his candidate’s interview.

“And I feel the same about my Republican opponent, Jim Marchant. I feel that both Jim Marchant and Steven Horsford are just another rubber stamp for a Republican or Democratic agenda,” Esteban continued. “That’s why I ran outside of the two-party system. I’m running as a Libertarian and there are some challenges to that but it really gives me the freedom to be an independent candidate on my own and to really take on positions that I feel align greater with Nevadans than with the national party.”

Esteban has a background in renewable energy, currently employed as a supervisor for Tesla and this exposure to the industry is a source of inspiration for some of what he’d like to address as a congressman. Rather than going about

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