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My very first job as a professional journalist was covering high school sports for the Los Angeles Times. Back in the early 90s, the internet was slowly emerging, emails and cell phones wouldn’t be widely available for another couple years.

That meant that to meet our 10 p.m. deadline to make it to print after a Friday night football game, you had to find a pay phone and provide a game summary, reading your chicken scratch over the phone to an angry editor who’s been waiting for your call.

I threw up before I could say a word the first time I made that call. The editor hung up, and I had to call back, barely making deadline.

Deadlines. The CRC is about to blow a state-mandated deadline (by this Saturday) to accept and process new applications for licenses. Unless we hear from the commission on Friday, of course. We’re ready, and we’ll be eager to spread the word when news breaks. We won’t hang up on you!

In the meantime, read more details about what’s going on behind the scenes in Amanda Hoover’s lead story, a follow up to her Tuesday night CRC meeting coverage.

At that meeting, we also learned Ayr Wellness was approved to take over Garden State Dispensary, one of the original six license holders in the state. Sue Livio offers a breakdown of who Ayr Wellness is, and what we should expect from the newest MSO in town.

On the federal level, Jonathan Salant previews what action the cannabis industry may get these last few months of the year now that Congress is back in session.

Elsewhere, we have a guest column by Ken Wolski on the need for medical weed to be covered by health insurance companies; and I spoke to Dave Serrano about his leaving Harvest 360, which he

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