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If America’s legal cannabis movement is going to be successful, it needs support from both of the major political parties and from people like Dan Anglin, a former U.S. Marine turned Republican lobbyist turned edibles entrepreneur. A veteran of Desert Storm as well as the early days of cannabis legalization in Colorado, Anglin has seen — and helped usher in — significant changes to laws and regulations surrounding cannabis edibles, while also starting a national brand of his own.

We chatted with Anglin about the early days of pot edibles, expanding his CannAmerica edibles into new states, and the political climate surrounding cannabis.

Westword: You served in the military and worked as a lobbyist for conservative business issues. How did you find yourself going from weapons systems to owning an edibles company?

Dan Anglin: It all ties to my background in state government and policy-making. As a lobbyist, I ran my own firm and was recommended to EdiPure (an infused-product manufacturer) for assistance on a bill that would have banned edibles prior to full legalization of recreational cannabis [in Colorado]. My specialty was killing bills, and at the time, I had been defending weapons magazine manufacturers from having their most popular product and main line of business banned. Even though that was unsuccessful, my history with business issues in many areas of policy provided me with a legitimate relationship with both sides of the aisle, but I was known as a conservative lobbyist.

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I brought that reputation and my knowledge of conservative principles to the argument surrounding the constitutional rights of cannabis consumption, possession, manufacturing and distributing to argue that the same concerns that conservatives held dear for gun rights had to be applied to cannabis rights, because the voters placed these rights in the Colorado

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