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Last week, Arbor Vita8 opened a 75,000-square-foot hemp extraction and processing facility near the Georgia border in Phenix City to “bolster this region’s efforts to be a significant contributor and leader in the hemp industry.”

The company says that the new processing facility located in Phenix City will have advanced technologies to increase production of CBD. Technologies include an industrial hemp dryer that can dry 10,000 pounds of biomass in an hour and an industrial extractor capable of extracting 5,000 pounds per day of crude, distillate, THC-free distillate and more.

“In order for the industry to be successful, everyone needs to be winning,” said Jason Sirotin, the CEO of Arbor Vita8. “That means farmers grow crops they can get processed, processors can process quality biomass they can sell to manufacturers, and manufacturers get a great value on quality extract for use in their products.”

Arbor Vita8 describes itself as a leading resource for licensed hemp seed sales, cultivation, processing, wholesaling and retail sales. Arbor Vita8 says that company is “focused on helping our farming and manufacturing partners thrive.”

“We operate on the belief that our core principles – reliable follow through, knowledgeable expertise, and deep relationship building – are just as effective for hemp as they are for other industries,” the company said on its website. “If you’re serious about growing, processing, extracting, and selling the highest quality hemp products, then we encourage you to reach out today and learn more about our comprehensive services.”

2020 is the second year that Alabama farmers have been allowed to legally grow hemp. When the Alabama Hemp program was first established by the Alabama Legislature, a number of farmers and first-time farmers rushed into this niche. Many of them had problems growing this new crop and finding seed and equipment. Others ran into

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