Has legalizing marijuana delivered on its promises? | Pat Hickey – Reno Gazette Journal

“Memo from the Middle” is an opinion column written by RGJ columnist Pat Hickey, a member of the Nevada Legislature from 1996 to 2016.

Let me start with a disclosure. In 2016, when recreational marijuana was on the ballot in the form of Question 2 — I opposed its passage. I felt that Nevadans would have been better served if the State Legislature had grappled with crafting laws legalizing and commercializing pot, instead of it being done by a California-style initiative campaign primarily paid for by the “budding” cannabis industry.

Nevada voters saw it differently. Question 2 passed easily by a 54 to 46% margin. Almost five years after its enactment, it may be a good time to ask ourselves, “Has legalizing marijuana delivered on the promises made to Nevada voters?”

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