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I speak as the Nevada County 5th District supervisor, not for the Board of Supervisors as a whole. Last week was difficult for many of us. We held our first in-person Board of Supervisors meeting at the Nevada County Fairgrounds since leaving the county Board of Supervisors Chambers.

I have been anticipating our opportunity to speak to each other, without masks, without the screen between us. For this purpose, I believe the meeting was successful. We got to see each other face to face, as people, as friends and neighbors.

What was most disheartening was not the personal attacks, or vitriolic hatred, or the cursing with children in tow. It was the fact that the people who came before this body of elected officials had no idea how much we care for each and every one of you.

You may not know how much my family or my children have suffered as a result of this pandemic, or the family and friends we have lost along the way, or the difficult decisions I have had to make in the midst of a crisis our nation has never seen before. I don’t ask you to walk in my shoes, but I want you to know that I walk in yours.

There is disagreement regarding the course of action required to keep our community safe. The decisions the Board of Supervisors make reflect the needs of our entire community, not just the people who came to speak at the Fairgrounds.

To protect those without a voice, to listen carefully to ALL the people, to make tough decisions, to fight and bring us together, and to uphold the Constitution of the state of California and of the United States, this is the true work of the oath I took.

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