Handful of local measures on Nevada County ballot – The Union of Grass Valley

Depending on where they live, some Nevada County voters will have local ballot measures to consider this election.

Nevada City voters have two questions — whether the city clerk and treasurer should be appointed, not elected; and if they want to extend a half-cent sales tax due to expire in two years. Grass Valley voters have one question: Do they want a cannabis business tax?

Voters in the Beyers Lane Community Service District will decide if they want to increase their parcel tax.

Measure L

Measure L submits to voters the question of whether the offices of Nevada City clerk and city treasurer should be appointed. They are currently elective offices.

An argument in favor of Measure L was filed with Nevada County elections by Nevada City Mayor Erin Minett, Vice Mayor Duane Strawser, former City Council member Valerie Moberg, and City Clerk Niel Locke.

In the argument, they said that over 75% of California cities have an appointed city clerk and over 65% have an appointed city treasurer, a shift they said has been developing over the last 55 years. 

“Today, municipal government and regulations have become more complex,” they wrote. “Independent audits and internal controls provide necessary oversight and accountability for the city’s administration and finances.”

They cited the specialized skills necessary to perform each of these roles, arguing that it is important that candidates be chosen based on possessing the appropriate skillset. Professional experience and expertise in elections and fair political practice laws, the Brown Act, and records retention management is essential in a city clerk. Similarly, a city treasurer should be equipped with professional experience and expertise in municipal fund accounting, government report requirements, investment regulations, and debt management.

According to their filed argument, a “yes” vote for Measure L would “(guarantee) that minimum qualifications are

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