Halo Labs Is Positioning Itself For Federal Cannabis Legalization And Cross-Border Commerce – Forbes

Cannabis at Halo’s East Evans Creek Farm in Oregon. In late 2020, the company acquired Winberry … [+] Farms in the Southern Willamette Valley.

Photo courtesy Halo Labs by Justin Gardner

With a Democratic majority in the House and the Senate, cannabis companies across the country are crossing their fingers for federal marijuana reform, with many hopeful the plant will be legalized in the next four years. One such company based in Oregon says it has been planning for legalization since its inception and hopes to be ready when cannabis can be sold across state lines.

At Halo Labs, a cannabis extraction company that recently expanded to flower and pre-rolls, CEO Kiran Sidhu and President Kathryn Field are both hopeful the company’s vertical structure and strategic locations puts it in an advantageous position should President-elect Joe Biden choose to deschedule cannabis—something he can do with the stroke of a pen.

The company has significant presence in two west coast cannabis markets: the state of Oregon, where it was founded in 2016 and is among the largest producers and distributors, and California, where Sidhu says (unironically) the company is “growing like a weed.”

acquired 100% of organic cannabis cultivator Winberry Farms, one of the first growers to receive a recreational license in Oregon. Between the two companies, Sidhu said Halo holds a significant share of distribution in the state, and now has brands under its umbrella “that serve every consumer.”

“Prices have recovered and it’s a really strong market,” he said when asked about the state’s cannabis glut issue, which was at its peak in 2019. Price recovery, he said, is in part thanks to the work of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission which has been slowing down the

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