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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Last Saturday I lambasted our “woke” Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, for inviting the United Nations Human Rights Commission – with totalitarian member nations like China, Russia and Venezuela – to investigate human rights in the United States. That’s inviting the fox into the henhouse. No thanks!
I wrote that the United States pays about 25 percent of the UN’s bloated budget, permitting free-spending international bureaucrats to live the good life in very expensive cities like Geneva, New York and Paris. And just last week we learned that these same fat cat bureaucrats have spent millions of American taxpayer dollars on an apocalyptic report that calls climate change “code red for humanity” and predicts that global warming will soon destroy our planet.
But wait a minute. Isn’t that what former Vice President Al Gore told us 25 years ago? Yet most of us are still here more or less alive despite all of those gloom and doom predictions. Here’s how the Wall Street Journal summarized the most recent UN report: “The climate Apocalypse is nigh, humanity is to blame, and unless the world remakes the global economy, havoc and death are inevitable.” And Chicken Little still thinks the sky is falling.
“No one denies that the climate has been warming, and no one serious argues that humans play no role,” the Journal continued, noting that the new report links global warming to “catastrophic weather events such as hurricanes, severe heat waves or rain events, drought, and so on.” However, the newspaper adds, these dire connections and predictions are based on “new methodology” (computer models), “but we know climate models are far from perfect.”
So instead of eagerly embracing the scariest scenarios, perhaps climate scientists

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