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bout a week ago the U.S. House of Representatives decided to decriminalize marijuana, still considered to be a Schedule One dangerous drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration, on a 228-164 vote. Fortunately, however, this measure has zero chance of passing in a Republican-controlled Senate.

Oregon voters went way beyond marijuana decriminalization last month when they opted to legalize hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and addictive prescription drugs like oxycodone. My friend and fellow columnist, Shelly Aldean, a highly respected former city supervisor, wrote an important and informative column earlier this month warning about the dangers of legalizing hard drugs. 

In her well-reasoned and well-written Appeal column, Aldean asked why Oregon voters decided to legalize dangerous drugs. “Was it a desire to hasten the decline of their state’s social stability and economic prosperity, or were the people of Oregon simply deceived by the machinations of ‘chaos merchant’ George Soros?” she asked. My answer: All of the above, egged-on by ultra-progressive drug enablers like Soros, who seems to hate America.

The Oregonians who voted to legalize dangerous drugs are the same people who talked about “mostly peaceful protests” while violent anarchists attacked police officers and set buildings on fire in downtown Portland for months on end. Those same “peaceful” protesters tore down statues of every white person they could find as they joined with Black Lives Matter agitators to demand defunding of the police. 

In her column, Aldean cited a Eugene Register-Guard opinion piece by a district attorney and the director of a community-based addiction treatment program that said Measure 110, which legalized hard drugs, “would dismantle the only pathway to addiction recovery for many Oregon youth and adults – court diversion programs which motivate thousands of people… to start their journey toward a lifetime of recovery.” 

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