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“Green Wednesday” is catching fire.

The day before Thanksgiving has turned into a well-known marijuana shopping day in America, with Eaze reporting record sales that were only outpaced by April 20 sales, as deliveries almost doubled those of a regular Wednesday last year. Data from Headset confirms this massive surge in demand.

CannAmerica Brands CEO Dan Anglin said: “In Colorado, the day before Thanksgiving has long been the kickoff to the biggest season for cannabis sales in the state. With the ski season and holiday travel cranking up, sales start to increase in mid-November and continue to rise through the end of January.”

Josh Segal, CEO of cannabis marketing and advertising company Adloop, said the hope is that one day Green Wednesday will become as big as 4/20.

‘Money Be Green’

Brands and dispensaries are now allocating big bucks to marketing and advertising Green Wednesday deals. In markets like California, companies are making a branded product push to satisfy consumer demand, as many individuals are traveling to the state to seek out branded products for the holidays, Segal said.

“Our industry is trying to establish other holidays such as Green Wednesday to further bolster sales volume, particularly in recreational states that are seeing a shift in consumer purchasing patterns that have brands and retailers excited about the future of the holiday.”

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Consumer travel to recreational states for weed holidays means companies are seeing a shift in what weed enthusiasts want to buy while visiting, Segal said. 

“If you make a THC-infused candy — chances are you’re competing with eight other THC candies …in the same store,” the CEO said. “Over the next five to

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