Grass Valley distillation center tries to reach essence of cannabis, hemp – The Union of Grass Valley

Soren Darr was working as a cannabis cultivator when his career suddenly pivoted.

Someone brought him an essential cannabis oil product, which he came to interpret as the essence of the cannabis he was growing.

“That was the light bulb,” he said.

Since 2000, Darr has been working in Nevada County, and in March he began creating two types of distillation equipment to derive cannabis and hemp strains and change them into an oil product.

His goal, he said, was to design equipment better than what he previously had to use, which stemmed from China.

Recently, as president of Essenciere, Darr launched a new steam distillation equipment division in Grass Valley.

Darr, who works with one other person, Nancy Cordua, sees his final product as aligning with other essential oil industry products, particularly lavender, which are intended to ease anxiety.

“Lavender is known to have calming effects so a lot of people use that for calming, de-stressing, those sort of things,” he said.

The name of his company, Essenciere, plays on a few different themes, one of them intended to capture the core of a plant.

In addition to manufacturing, Darr said he may start scaling his business, and recently spoke with a Jamaican company about expansion. For now, though, he will be focused on our country.

“Phase 1: United States,” he said.

To contact Staff Writer Sam Corey email or call 530-477-4219.

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