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Carson City, NV – Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed 60 bills into law today, including the budget that funds K-12 education in Nevada. See details below:

Senate Bill 555 is the budget bill that funds K-12 public education in Nevada. This bill is part of the largest public education budget in Nevada state history and includes an estimated weighted average per-pupil support of $6,218. 

Senate Bill 8 strengthens conditions for lifetime supervision of criminals convicted of the most heinous sex crimes. The bill requires that those under lifetime supervision participate in a professional counseling program and not use any aliases or fictitious names, among other conditions. 

Assembly Bill 261 requires school districts to report to the Nevada Department of Education data concerning training provided to school personnel on children’s personal safety, as well as on the number of incidents of abuse or neglect of a child reported to law enforcement.

AB216 is an act requiring the State Treasurer to establish a database of information relating to sources of funding for higher education; requiring the Attorney General to establish a program to connect victims of certain crimes with the database.

AB164 is an act imposing certain requirements relating to advertising by a marijuana establishment and a medical marijuana establishment; revising provisions relating to medical marijuana establishment agents; providing for the registration of agents who work or volunteer at or contract with a marijuana establishment; revising provisions relating to disciplinary action against a medical marijuana establishment agent and a marijuana establishment agent; authorizing civil penalties for certain violations relating to advertising.

AB524 is an act making a supplemental appropriation to the Office of the Director of the Department of Corrections for an unanticipated shortfall in utilities costs, inmate-driven costs, food costs and medical costs.

AB536 is an

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