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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — For decades the hospitality, gaming and tourism industry has been and will likely continue to be the valley’s largest industry. But as we’ve seen, that leaves us especially vulnerable to massive disruptive events like the great recession, 1 October and most recently the pandemic.


As part of our series Meadows to Metropolis, 13 Action News anchor Todd Quinones examines the challenges and successes of diversifying our economy.

As many as 60,000 bottles can be processed every day here at Lucky Jack Cold Brew Coffee. The Nevada Built company at Lake Mead and Nellis, ships out coffee across the country.


But there’s a challenge. They need to hire all kinds of engineers to maintain this equipment.

“So you need good smart people here with a lot of knowledge… If you go to an industrial town they are plentiful. In an entertainment town, gaming, hospitality town there is a shortage of them,” says Lucky Jack CEO, Ray Cole. “So what do you do in that case?” asks Todd. “Well you know, we have outsourced some things from all over the country,” says Cole.


This is just one example of the hurdles that come with diversifying Nevada’s economic base.

“The problem is that you just don’t become an engineer. You’re going to be trained and that’s a higher education degree. We’re expanding the education engineering schools. But it takes a while once that pipeline starts and you get people in it to get them back out of there,” says Governor Steve Sisolak.


During an extended interview with 13 Action News, Governor Sisolak didn’t shy away from the challenges for Southern Nevada to diversify our economy. Achieving that largely depends on getting other industries to relocate here.

“What do these companies tell you why they’re not coming to Nevada?” asks Todd. “One of the

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