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The Republican Party national convention voted this summer to keep its 2016 platform opposing legalization of cannabis, without excepting medical marijuana. The GOP proposal to roll back access to medical marijuana in states where it is legal follows its blocking of recent efforts to allow injured veterans to use medical marijuana.

Their 2020 party platform would use federal law to undercut state efforts for reform including state laws that have been in effect with bipartisan support for more than 20 years, “despite federal law.” The GOP convention, on the other hand, called for Congress to address the “long- range implications of these trends for public health and safety and prepare to deal with the problematic consequences.”

A majority of Republican voters now support reform, but their candidates and most elected officials have been overtly hostile, one notable exception being Colorado’s Senator Cory Gardner. Unfortunately, even he voted to install Trump’s prohibitionist judge-picks for lifetime appointments in federal courts across the land.

Track record of attacks, betrayals

GOP officials have fought against legalization voter initiatives across the nation. The Republican-dominated Nebraska Supreme Court removed medical marijuana from the state ballot so voters cannot weigh in on it this year. Trump had earlier asked that such initiatives be blocked and said that legalization efforts would reduce his support, since he has never enacted any marijuana law reforms. Trump did, however, sign the First Step Act on sentencing reform and reauthorize and expand the hemp bill originally signed by President Obama in 2014.

At its quadrennial presidential convention, the GOP announced that it would have no new 2020 platform. Instead, the Republican party proclaimed that it will ‘enthusiastically support’ the impeached President, Donald Trump’s unspecified political agenda.

The resolution leaves in place the party’s 2016 platform, which included language opposing cannabis use for any

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