Gleam Law Partner Justin P. Walsh Teaching Cannabis Law Class at Seattle University School of Law –

SEATTLE, April 29, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Justin Walsh, partner at the Seattle office of Gleam Law, was selected by Seattle University School of Law to teach a class on cannabis law this quarter. With additional states recently legalizing marijuana, and the possibility of marijuana being decriminalized at the federal level, cannabis law continues to be a growing area of focus for many law firms – and law students.

Justin has worked on cannabis-related legal issues for a number of years, and has extensive experience across all facets of the industry. “This is a great opportunity to share some of the knowledge I have gained from dealing with the ever-changing cannabis industry. Both hemp and marijuana businesses are continuing to grow, and the pace is only going to increase,” he commented.


The course examines federal and state regulation of cannabis, including marijuana and hemp. It looks at how these regulatory systems developed, and provides comparisons of models at the state level. The course considers Washington’s current regulatory environment in the broader context of marijuana decriminalization and legalization over the past twenty years, as well as the industry’s unique legal challenges and uncertainties resulting from the conflict between federal and state law. In addition, the course looks at specific impacts the cannabis industry has had on other areas of the law and practical considerations in advising cannabis clients from seed to sale.


Gleam law is a full-service cannabis law firm, offering a wide array of cannabis-related legal services, including licensing, litigation and intellectual property. From business law and cannabis banking to intellectual property law and civil litigation, Gleam Law covers a range of expertise. Gleam law takes pride its commitment to clients and its deep understanding of how the CBD, hemp, and legal marijuana industry

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