Former Pro Boxer Mike Tyson gets into Marijuana Business – Huffs n Puffs

One of the leading Nevada Cannabis Company recently announced its agreement with Mike Tyson’s Cannabis venture, Tyson Ranch. The company is going to be exclusive launching partner of Tyson ranch products in Nevada.

The cannabis industry in Nevada already brought the business of nearly half dollars last year and the latest motivation to this business is an association with Mike Tyson.

Tyson is teaming up as an exclusive associate of Planet 13 to sell his Tyson Ranch cannabis products.

David Farris, Marketing director of Planet 13 said that. “We are in a league of existing dispensaries and we like to showcase that.”

The former pro player who has been associated with boxing for nearly 22 years spoke about his professional venture with Action news. “It gets me off the highly medicated drugs. Before that, I was a complete mess. Only a mess” Tyson describes.

“My boxing career and my body gave out on me. I had suffered psychological trauma during that fading phase,” he said. “It was cannabis and the CBD that introduced a new level to my life which is healthier and prospering.” he continued while speaking to Action News.

Amongst the existing 11 states, Nevada is one of the popular states along with the District of Columbia, who works on legal recreational weed. As per the last year Gallup reports now a majority of Americans support legalization. Tyson states his sole mission is to build a universal acceptance for Cannabis.

“It is no hard calculation. It is undoubtedly going to work as there are so many medicinal benefits associated with it,” Tyson added.

Along with this Tyson is also working establishing a marijuana resort which I spread across 400- acre, He is likely to launch it very soon with the same name Tyson Ranch, in California’s the Mojave

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