Foothills Event Center eyed for cannabis dispensary – The Union of Grass Valley


Grass Valley has started its evaluation of applicants for a variety of cannabis businesses — among them a dispensary proposed at the present location of the Foothills Event Center, at 400 Idaho Maryland Road.

Alanna Haley is the CEO of Sierra Flower Co., which is eyeing the location. She’s also owner of V’TAE Parfum & Body Care.

The Foothills Events Center is being sold to Ag Natural owner Roy Harris, center owner Mardie Caldwell has said. Harris could not be reached for comment.

Haley said she plans to move into the events center, but declined to disclose further details because the deal isn’t finalized.

“Yes, we’re moving into the Foothills Events Center. We have an agreement with Roy (Harris),” she said.

Haley added that she will only use a portion of the center, approximately 3,600 square feet. Sierra Flower has synergy and good relations with Harris, though she has no plans to collaborate on business projects with Ag Natural.

A separate company — Grass Valley Provisions LLC — has proposed to open a dispensary in Ag Natural, across the street from the Foothills Event Center.

Haley said that what attracted her to the events center is that it’s the perfect location and will need minimal work. It also allows her to be operational within six months of receiving state and local licensing. It’s already ADA compliant and has solar panels, while adhering to her company’s intent to be as green as possible.

“From a security standpoint, it’s a great location — set back from the street, is well lit, has security cameras and only two entrances,” said Haley.

What encouraged Haley to get into the cannabis industry was caring for an elderly aunt stricken with cancer. Haley procured THC products to help relieve her pain,

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