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Large-Scale Cannabis Cultivation and Production in Nevada

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Flower One Holdings Inc. (CSE:FONE; OTCQB:FLOOF) is focused on becoming the leading cannabis cultivator and producer in Nevada. By focusing on the Nevada cannabis market, the company is committed to ensuring that they deliver results in the space and for their shareholders. In order to achieve this objective, Flower One is developing and producing a diverse range of products that they intend to sell through four channels: resell, wholesale, private and white label and retail.

Flower One has acquired a 455,000-square-foot facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The facility is currently being converted into a large-scale hydroponic cannabis cultivation, processing and production facility. Once operational, the facility will be able to produce 140,000 pounds of cannabis and process 420,000 pounds of cannabis annually. Additionally, Flower One’s 55,000-square-foot processing facility will utilize three extraction techniques to ensure the company can fulfill the needs of Nevada’s cannabis market and the needs of their partners.

Flower One is in the process of acquiring NLV Organics Inc. (NLVO), a luxury cannabis cultivator and manufacturer. Once the acquisition is closed, Flower One will have access to NLVO’s diverse library of cannabis genetics, which includes over 50 cannabis strains, five licenses that cover the cultivation and production of medical and recreational cannabis and distribution and a 25,000-square-foot cultivation facility in North Las Vegas. NLVO also has supply agreements with over 30 dispensaries across the state, providing Flower One with a retail presence in Nevada.

Flower One’s management team has over 15 years of experience in cultivation experience. Collectively, the team has built, owns and operates over 11 million square feet of commercial greenhouse operations in North America. The team is headed by President

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