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Five more states are voting this November to join the 11 states that have already legalized recreational use of marijuana. To date, medicinal marijuana usage is legal in 33 states. Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Alaska, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts have also added adult recreational use of marijuana to the legal mix, along with the District of Columbia. Now, Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana, and Mississippi are looking to join the legal club. Many states have varying levels of acceptable marijuana use – from fully illegal, to medical and decriminalized, to fully legalized.  However, the federal government still classifies marijuana under federal law as a Schedule I illegal drug.

Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana, and Mississippi Back in 2016, just a little over half of Arizona’s voters said no to legalizing recreational cannabis. The 2016 battle was hotly contested, but this time around, there are some bigger names in favor of swinging the vote towards yes. The 2020 vote is to allow adults 21 years or older to possess, consume, or transfer up to one ounce of cannabis. The measure also creates a regulatory system for the cultivation and sale of marijuana. Supporters of the measure are also looking to usher in record expungements , as well. Over in New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy is hoping to deliver on his campaign promise to legalize cannabis. Governor Murphy promises millions of dollars to boost the state’s ledgers, as well as help to advance social justice with the decriminalization of marijuana. Pennsylvania and New York residents are hoping to benefit from New Jersey’s change of law this November. South Dakota has plans to skip past medicinal use of marijuana and simply

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