Five bills implement the Nevada budget. Here's what's in them. – The Nevada Independent

Lawmakers are wrapping up one of their biggest responsibilities of the 120-day legislative session by reviewing and passing five bills implementing the state budget.

The five measures are the culmination of months of vetting and adjustments of the governor’s recommended two-year budget and allocate not only the $9.1 billion the state expects to bring in through tax revenue over the next two years, but guide spending of certain federal and fee funds.

Once drafted by legislative staff, the budget bills generally can’t be amended if legislators plan to close down the session within 120 days. Here’s a look at what’s in the budget bills introduced this session and their status.


STATUS: Passed 21-0 in Senate and 41-0 in Assembly.

Nevada lawmakers are constitutionally required to approve funding for K-12 education before other areas of the budget. The bill to do that includes:

Total public support at an average of $10,204 per pupil in the upcoming fiscal year and $10,290 in the following fiscal year. That amounts to a $115 per-pupil reduction from the levels the 2019 Legislature approved for the current fiscal year to the upcoming one. Statewide base per-pupil funding of $6,980 for the first fiscal year of the upcoming biennium and $7,074 in the second fiscal year. Additional weighted funds will be calculated using the statewide base per-pupil funding amount, with the multipliers set at 0.24 for English learners, 0.03 for at-risk students and 0.12 for gifted and talented students. The Clark County School District, for instance, would receive $61.9 million of weighted funds for English learners, $45.4 million for at-risk students and $3.8 million for gifted students in the upcoming fiscal year.  The adjusted base per-pupil funding amounts — which take into account variation in local costs — in the 2021-2022 fiscal year range

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