First Set Of Marijuana Rules Attempt To Help NJ Small Business –

Here it comes.

New Jersey’s legalized weed businesses are officially off the ground, sort of. The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission met this week to come up with their first official set of rules in order to help businesses owners in the legal marijuana game to start preparing to distribute and sell within the state.

This meeting comes after the state voted to legalize marijuana back in the 2020 elections. reports that the newly developed guidelines were drafted in an effort to help out small business owners who were afraid that the monopoly on licenses to sell and distribute within the state would go to the big wigs already well established within the industry. Luckily, the state had small business’s backs with this one.

Apparently, New Jersey’s current medical marijuana companies are not owned by anybody within the state itself. The new set of laws have established that NJ will only have 37 licensed marijuana growers within the next 12 years. Since 12 of the licensed ones currently here in the state aren’t owned in-state, that leaves only a few left to be locally grown, owned, and operated.

The commission also set up rules for consumers, as well. At first, people assumed that the same rules that are already in place for tobacco products would be put in place for marijuana purchases. We now know that’s not the case. While persons 19 and over are able to purchase tobacco, it was determined that only people 21+ will be able buy marijuana products. Also, they’ll only be able to possess 1 ounce at a time.

To check out all the rules established so far for purchasing as well as for small business, click HERE.


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