Fireworks illegal in Sierra Front – The Record-Courier

A box of confiscated consumer fireworks, which are prohibited in the Sierra Front and Douglas County.
Kelsey Penrose/R-C File Photo

Someone grinding metal in a 35 mph wind set off a small fire in Topaz Ranch Estates around lunchtime on Sunday.

The fire was headed for the garage when an East Fork Protection Unit was passing by and was able to knock the fire down at about 2,500 square feet.

With July 4 on Saturday and all the professional fireworks shows canceled there Douglas County residents might be tempted to hold their own displays.

“It is important for Douglas County residents to remember that not only are fireworks illegal and prohibited in Douglas County, for possession, sale or use, but they are dangerous as well,” East Fork Fire Marshal Amy Ray said. “Fireworks are very dangerous, especially to children, resulting in over 44 percent of the injuries reported in emergency rooms, nationally, on July 4th.”

Douglas has had an ordinance on the books banning home fireworks since 1938.

“As we approach the holiday weekend, not only do residents need to be aware that fireworks are illegal and dangerous, but that they are a major cause of wildland fires,” Ray said. “Anyone using fireworks can not only be charged criminally for their sale, possession, and use, they can also be criminally and civilly charged with any acts and costs associated with wildland fires, as a result of the use of fireworks or other incendiary devices.”

It has been five years since someone set off fireworks at the top of Minnehaha Canyon that ignited a fire. A half-dozen firefighters were injured extinguishing that fire.

“Our area is approaching extremely dry vegetation conditions,” she said. “We have to be vigilant in our efforts to prevent wildland fires in celebration and not use

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