Fall road trip: Discover neighboring dispensaries beyond the Northwest – The Spokesman-Review

By Kate A. Miner EVERCANNABIS Correspondent

Have you ever wondered what dispensaries outside Washington are like? Unless you are fully immersed in the cannabis culture or a pro in the industry, chances are you haven’t ventured outside our state in search of legal weed. In fact, if you’re like me, you pretty much stick to your neighborhood favorites … especially in spring lockdowns.

However, this summer I had the opportunity to take a road trip through some of our neighboring states – California, Nevada, and Oregon to be exact – and I thought I’d share what I found along the way.

I’ll mention right off that I was not in any big cities or high-traffic areas. We travelled across southern California (Joshua Tree), up through the middle of Nevada (Tonopah), and into Oregon (Bend). We visited small cannabis shops along the way, finding them on Leafly based on reviews and convenience.

In California, retailers check your ID and require waiting in a separate area until a budtender is available. Mask wearing and social distancing protocol is strictly enforced.

When the budtender calls you for your turn, the selection begins. There are big brands that appear everywhere you go, such as Top Shelf, Nug, and Caliva. We tried them all, including Top Shelf’s famous Whoa-Si-Whoa (we weren’t impressed), and there are zillions of edible options. Top Shelf is big on presentation in California and win the prize for best packaging.

The biggest difference in culture we saw was in Nevada, where we stopped at two different shops. The first one was in Henderson (not far from Las Vegas), at a place called The Dispensary, which also has locations in Las Vegas and Reno.

In Nevada, the waiting room is strictly enforced. When you enter, a receptionist behind a glass partition will

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