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LOS ANGELES, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As of 2021, FadeMD works with physicians that have recommended and assisted hundreds of thousands of patients to obtain their medical marijuana card online with fully licensed physicians in good standing in their State at the lowest price. They are excited to announce that more California marijuana doctors have been added to their platform to provide tremendous financial savings and compassionate care to patients.

Even though marijuana is recreational in California for ages over 21, patients can receive many benefits with a valid medical marijuana card for just $39. The advantages of a card include higher possession limits, significant tax savings, access to dispensaries for ages under 21, and employment rights. The first step in getting a card is to get a valid medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed medical practitioner in California.

Get your medical marijuana evaluation with a licensed FadeMD marijuana doctor for just $39 in California. FadeMD physicians are fully licensed and in good standing to provide treatment and act as educational resources.

FadeMD streamlines the medical marijuana recommendation process by connecting prospective medical marijuana patients and licensed healthcare professionals who can certify qualifying conditions online. Patients with qualifying conditions, if approved, instantly receive their downloadable medical marijuana recommendation, and are supported through the process of applying and obtaining their state-issued MMJ card. FadeMD also provides educational resources for patients to learn more about medical cannabis and how it can help treat patient symptoms. FadeMD strongly believes in the health and wellness benefits of medical marijuana and is committed to spreading factual and helpful information about cannabis to people worldwide.

Today more than ever, prospective patients are turning to medical marijuana to treat their symptoms. The spread is no longer just a local trend; thirty-six states have legalized medical marijuana across

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