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Enid Jennings, MPH, CHES is a Lecturer for the School of Community Health Sciences. She currently teaches Introduction to Community Health Sciences and Technical Writing in the Health Sciences. Prior to teaching, she worked as a program coordinator and health educator in the public health field. Her work focused on a variety of public health issues including sexual health, nutrition, physical activity, mental health, interpersonal violence, injury, communicable disease and ATOD. She provided education and leadership to local, statewide and regional initiatives. She is passionate about the field and inspiring a love for public health among her students.

Selected publications Park, Ryu, S., Constantino, N., Yun, G., Jennings, E., & Fred, D. (Accepted March 2020). Marijuana knowledge, confidence in knowledge, and information efficacy as the protective and risk factors of marijuana use among college students. Journal of American College Health. Park, S., Yun, G., Constantino, N., Ryu, S. Y., Fred, D., Jennings, E., & Duenas, K. (accepted January 2020). Health information literacy-focused marijuana intervention for college students: A pilot study of group-oriented universal program. Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education. Presentations  Pacific Coast College Health Association Annual Conference, Honolulu, HI – sole presenter. October 7- October 10, 2018, Using Quality Improvement Strategies to Enhance Clinical Processes: A Case Study, sole presenter Pacific Coast College Health Association Annual Conference, Reno, NV– co-presenter. October 11-October 14, 2017, Easy Tools for Less Stress – An Online Stress Management Program Pilot,Enid Jennings, MPH, CHES and Maria Young MSW, LCSW American College Health Association Annual Conference, Chicago, IL – co-presenter. May 28-June 1, 2012, Engaging Students in Nutrition and Physical Activity: A Toolkit for Creating Wellness Programs on Campus, Enid Jennings, MPH, CHES and Maureen Molini, MPH, RD, CSSD American College Health Association Annual Conference, San Francisca, CA – co-presenter. May 26-30, 2009, A

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