Employee at Carson City marijuana cultivation company accused of stealing 4 pounds of marijuana | Carson City Nevada News – Carson Now

A 30-year-old man was arrested Tuesday for suspicion of felony embezzlement after allegedly stealing an estimated four pounds of marijuana from a marijuana cultivation company, a Carson City sheriff’s booking report states.

Christopher Paul Evans, listed as being from Sparks, was taken into custody following an investigation involving the alleged crime at a Drako Way business. Evans also had a misdemeanor failure to appear warrant issued in August 2019 out of Sparks Township Court.

According to the booking report, a deputy was dispatched in reference to a report of an embezzlement at 3581 Drako Way. A deputy met with the business compliance officer for High Sierra Cultivation Company who explained on March 23, at approximately 5:15 p.m. one of the company’s employees, Christopher Evans, went into the drying room and allegedly stole approximately four pounds of marijuana.

The company’s compliance officer explained that video surveillance shows him walk into the main dry room and open the door, where he was seen removing several large plastic totes from the room and putting them outside the room. He explained to the deputy that the suspect was putting the marijuana under his shirt.

A deputy watched video where he observed the suspect walk into the room, and walk into a drying room and move plastic tubs out of the room. The plastic tubs the man was seen grabbing were on the left side of the room, the arrest report states.

The deputy asked the company’s compliance officer what was in the tubs on the right side of the room. The compliance officer said the tubs on the right side are trimmings from the plants and the tubs on the left side were the actual flower marijuana.

The suspect then grabbed approximately 6 tubs and placed them behind the counter so the camera could

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