Election 2020: Biden takes lead in Pennsylvania, Georgia; Huge N.J. voter turnout. Latest updates from Day 4. – NJ.com

Joe Biden moved closer to winning the presidential election on Friday morning as the former vice president surged into the lead in Pennsylvania hours after gaining the upper hand over incumbent Donald Trump in Georgia.

At stake are Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes as well as Georgia’s 16.

Biden is also holding leads in Arizona and Nevada. Biden has 264 electoral college votes to President Donald Trump’s 214 with 270 needed to win the election, according to the Associated Press projections.

After trailing Trump by around 500,000 votes on Tuesday night, Biden chipped away at Trump’s advantage thanks in large part to mail-in votes being counted in and around Philadelphia and leads by about 5,600 votes as of 9:15 a.m.

Biden jumped ahead in Georgia earlier Friday. He leads Trump by about 1,100 votes in a state that hasn’t been won by a Democrat in a presidential election since Bill Clinton prevailed there en route to his 1992 victory.

Biden’s electoral vote total includes Arizona, which he is projected to win according to the Associated Press, NPR and Fox News. Other media organizations — including ABC, CNN, NBC and CBS — have not declared a winner in Arizona and list Biden’s electoral college total as 253. The winner of Arizona receives 11 electoral college votes. Biden leads there by about 47,00 votes, with 90% counted.

The president is ahead by about 77,000 votes in the battle for North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes, while Biden holds an 11,500 vote edge in Nevada, which offers six electoral votes.

Meanwhile, Trump made a statement Thursday night from the White House in which he again made accusations of voter fraud and accused Democrats of “stealing” and “rigging” the election. He offered no evidence and took no questions from the media.

While CNN and Fox News

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