Effex Supply Co. and Virdi Bring Kalvara Infused Cannabis Beverage to Nevada Market – Digital Journal

LAS VEGAS – October 11, 2018 – (Newswire.com)

Dedicated to bringing innovative cannabis products to market, Effex Supply Co. (“Effex”), through this new agreement, is furthering their overall mission statement to distribute only the highest quality cannabis products. Effex has entered into an Agreement with Kalvara Logistics, LLC, a licensee of Virdi, LLC (“Virdi”), a company dedicated to innovative and high-quality cannabis products that are environmentally friendly, and free of chemicals, calories, sugar, and preservatives, to bring its Kalvara cannabis beverage to the Nevada market using Virdi’s proprietary Vessl™ dosing closure. 

Kalvara (http://www.kalvara.com) uses the proprietary Vessl™ dosing closure to deliver cannabis to the consumer. Kalvara Single and Kalvara Eco four-pack are infused drinks offering an easier, cleaner and more consistent cannabis consumption method. Infused drinks are designed to give the full effects of cannabis in a “simple, clean, and precise dose.” Kalvara uses a proprietary nano-emulsification process that allows a rapid onset delivery of a precise dose of water-soluble THC to the bloodstream, avoiding problems associated with other edibles.

Kalvara is an all-natural, citrus flavored beverage that uses the Vessl™ closure to retain maximum freshness and peak potency, without the need for artificial preservatives or refrigeration. Vessl™ is a nitrogen-pressurized storage and delivery system in the bottle cap that preserves active ingredients and fresh taste from harmful environmental factors and degradation.

A Marijuana News story dated July 5, 2018, stated, “Cannabis-infused beverages are low calorie, refreshing, and relaxing without the hangover… Some major players in the cannabis industry even predict they’re set to eclipse smoking as the primary mode of ingestion.”

“We are excited about our collaboration with Virdi and Kalvara. They are the ideal type of forward-thinking company with an innovative product we look for,“ said Pete Findley, Co-Founder and CEO of Effex. “Cannabis beverages are going to surge onto

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