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Los Angeles-based brand Dosist has designed a “sleek and discreet” cannabis dispenser called Dose Dial, which issues dose-controlled tablets.

A follow-up to the brand’s Dose Pen for vaping, the pocket-sized Dose Dial is Dosist‘s take on cannabis edibles — a product category more associated with gummy candies or chocolates.

In contrast, the Dose Dial is a minimalist tablet dispenser. Users push the button and turn the wheel with their index finger to dispense one peppermint-flavoured tablet.

“We were intentional in every detail, with a design objective to challenge and redefine the edible category, a historically recreational and intoxication-focused consumption space,” Dosist chief marketing officer Anne-Marie Dacyshyn told Dezeen.

The dispenser design itself is another differentiating element, as the childproof, recyclable product is designed to be “sleek and discreet”.

“It’s key we address some of the entrenched stereotypes that still exist in the space,” said Dacyshyn. “Design is a crucial element to change the narrative and bring people into this category just like they do with their current lifestyle accessories.”

The Dose Dial contains tiny, white 3.7-milligram sublingual tablets, which means they dissolve under the tongue.

This method of delivery allows them to be partially absorbed into the body through the mouth tissue, avoiding the unpredictable effects that come from ingesting edibles wholly through the gut.

It suits the Dosist brand, which is all about precise doses and targeted formulations that achieve a specific health benefit for the user, rather than getting them high.

The Dose Dials are available in Dosist’s two most popular formulas, Bliss or Calm, in corresponding green or blue toned packaging. Bliss contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol in a ration of 9:1, while the Calm formula is a near-direct inverse at 1:10.

The Dose Pens, launched in 2016, also come in Sleep,

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