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The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission chose a path Thursday for allotting licenses in the state’s legally-challenged medicinal cannabis industry, but even that path has a fork in it.

Two more dispensaries are allowed under the 2016 constitutional amendment that legalized medical marijuana, and the panel decided to choose the state’s 39th and 40th dispensaries from a reserve list of applicants from two designated zones in the state that board members say are underrepresented by existing dispensaries — Zone 6 in west central Arkansas and Zone 8 in southwest Arkansas.

As the plan is expected to proceed, one license will go to the next-in-line applicant in Zone 6, comprising Scott, Polk, Montgomery, Garland, Perry, Saline, Hot Spring and Scott counties. The other will go to the next-in-line applicant in Zone 8, which includes Howard, Pike, Sevier, Little River, Miller, LaFayette, Hempstead, Nevada, Clark, Columbia, Ouachita, Union, Calhoun and Dallas counties.

However, the commission left open the door to a double-blind lottery system for choosing future dispensary licenses, including in cases where a company loses a license or sees it revoked. More details on the lottery method and the reserve-list process will be hashed out in a special meeting the commissioners called for Sept. 16.

Panelists in Thursday’s meeting at the Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration building in Little Rock, which was streamed live by Arkansas PBS, said they hoped to get away from the process the commission used in choosing the state’s initial 32 dispensary licensees. That method required the commissioners and its consultants to cull hundreds of applications and make choices based on criteria that many applicants saw as biased or at least chaotic. “Frankly, it was a lot of work,” Commission Chairman James Miller said.

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