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© iStock/Juanmonino Robert Jappie and Chris Lane provide an insight into some of the legal considerations around the burgeoning cannabis industry and Mackrell Turner Garrett’s role at the heart of cannabis law.

Following pioneering campaigns from families of patients and doctors, there has been a significant change to UK legislation in regard to cannabis. As of 1 November 2018, the UK government has legalised medical cannabis for a number of health conditions. This has created a significant new marketplace for cannabis in the UK, which pharmaceutical businesses from the UK and overseas are taking notice of.

Mackrell Turner Garrett

But as with any industry, these businesses need the support of an experienced legal team as they face a quickly evolving, complex set of regulatory and commercial challenges. Mackrell Turner Garrett is at the heart of this revolutionary change and is able to provide advice and support to the growing number of companies looking to enter this sector. As with any emerging market, investors and businesses prioritise credibility and connectivity above value, which is why our pool of global expertise puts Mackrell Turner Garrett ahead of the curve as the commercial market evolves in the UK.

The bank of knowledge that we can access is without comparison, thanks to our ability to call on the experience of legal professionals working in the cannabis sector in places like the United States and Canada. Through our position as a founding member of the Mackrell International (MI) global legal network – a top 20 global group of lawyers with nearly 5,000 members in over 60 countries – we have unique access to legal expertise from many jurisdictions where cannabis has already been successfully legalised.

MI can draw on specific detailed experience from, for example, Colorado and Nevada, where MI members are some of the

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