Detectives were investigating Nevada's Isaac Jernagin for a month before arrest – Nevada Sports Net

Detectives with the Regional Narcotics Unit had been investigating Nevada football player Isaac Jernagin for a month before he was arrested last week on six felony drug charges.

Nevada Sports Net broke the news of Jernagin’s arrest, which came last Wednesday night. Jernagin was booked on two counts of “sell, transport, give or attempt to sell, transport, give, schedule I/schedule II, 1st,” the “1st” referring to a first offense. He was booked on two counts of “possession with intent to sell schedule I/schedule II flunitrazepam, GHB, 1st” Flunitrazepam is a tranquilizer used to treat severe insomnia and assist with anesthesia. Both flunitrazepam and GHB are known as common date rape drugs.

Jernagin’s final two counts were for “possession schedule I/schedule II controlled substance LT, 14 grams, 1st.” All six of his counts are felonies. A first-offense sale of a schedule I or II substance is a Category B felony in Nevada, which could include a penalty of imprisonment for a minimum of 1 year and maximum of no more than 6 years and could include a fine of up to $20,000 for each offense. Probation is available on first offenses.

There are five “schedules” of illegal drugs, according to the DEA. Jernagin’s arrest was for schedule I and/or schedule II drugs, which include but are not limited to, PCP, ecstasy, heroin, LSD and marijuana (among schedule I drugs) and methamphetamine, methadone, cocaine and ritalin (among schedule II drugs). Here is the full list of drugs by schedule. The lower the schedule number the higher the potential for abuse. Schedule I drugs are those without an accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse and thus deemed the most harmful.

While NSN’s public record request for Jernagin’s booking sheet has not been fulfilled yet, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office issued a news release Tuesday

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