Despite Recession Talks, Cannabis Jobs Remain Abundant In Nevada – The Fresh Toast

America still has a bit of post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from the great recession that took place around 10 years ago. And that is perfectly understandable. Anyone who was employed at the time knows all too well the toll this financial fiasco had on the economic foundation most of us often take for granted. Somewhere around 8.8 million people lost their jobs during the recession. Unfortunately, some of these workers never truly recovered from it either.

These days, all one has to do is turn on the news to hear the dreaded R-word being tossed around as if the country is on its way back to ruins. Many are concerned that the Trump Administration’s trade war with China is on the verge of putting the people back on the path to hard times. Sure, stocks are a bit shaky right now, but unemployment is as low as it has been in the United States in five decades. Nevertheless, the country is a bit nervous the job market is weakening.

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But the one industry the nation didn’t have much of at the time of the last recession was the cannabis trade. Marijuana legalization has become more widespread over the past five years—starting with recreational weed in Colorado and Washington—which has spawned hundreds of thousands of new jobs, as well as put money in the pockets of those people who work in traditional industries.

Every business sector from realtors to contractors rake in the cash every time a new state legalizes the leaf. This makes all the sense in the world, as well. Before a cannabis company can sell its first gram of weed to the consumer, it must have buildings renovated, facilities built,

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