Delta 8 Podcast Exploration: We Talk About & Try Delta 8 THC – Ministry of Hemp

Delta 8 Podcast Exploration: We Talk About & Try Delta 8 THC
Ministry of Hemp Podcast

We’re exploring Delta 8 THC on the Ministry of Hemp podcast: what it feels like to take Delta 8, and what it could mean for the hemp industry.

In episode 61, our podcast host Matt is learning about a new cannabinoid that’s just now hitting the wellness market, Delta 8 THC. Jordan Lams, CEO of Moxie, a cannabis cultivation and manufacturing company out of Long Beach, CA, is Matt’s guest.

Jordan was our expert for the Ministry of Hemp’s guide to Delta 8 THC, so we were excited to get him on the show. Matt and Jordan discuss everything you need to know about Delta 8 THC: is it legal, how and why are people using it, where does it come from and what impact will it have on the CBD market.

But that’s not all … to close out the podcast, Matt takes a dose of Delta 8 THC too and records his experience.

Our site is here to help you understand CBD, Delta 8 … and other cannabinoids too. We recently published an introduction to CBN. It’s a great companion piece to Matt’s interview about CBN in episode 56.

About Moxie and Jordan Lams:

MOXIE is a recognized leader in cannabis with over 90 global industry awards. They cultivate, manufacture and distribute high quality cannabis products in California, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Arizona with more states coming soon. It is their mission to improve the quality of life and well-being by producing the highest quality cannabis products globally.

At age 28, it’s hard not to say that Jordan Lams has moxie. Ten years ago, Lams was skeptical of cannabis, but started researching it

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