Darryl Snow: A growing pain in neighborhood – The Union of Grass Valley

It’s about a five-minute drive from our neighborhood to downtown Grass Valley. We’ve spent recent years improving our home and working with our neighbors to get our properties fire ready because that was our biggest concern, until now.

A property was recently sold near the end of our short street and it is now being developed as a commercial cannabis cultivation operation. If this hasn’t happened in your neighborhood, then you cannot fully understand the impact that it has on your sense of well being, and I hope you’ll try to put yourself in our shoes.

For the simple reason that our neighborhood was zoned AG (for agriculture) at some point in history, it appears that anyone can develop a commercial pot farm without any regard or consideration for the neighbors, and by the way, this is the first AG project that any of us are aware of in our neighborhood’s history.

We are a residential neighborhood. We’ve had no real say in the matter, and we’re limited to commenting in forums like this. We’re all on wells and see the effects of drought. We’re also concerned that the Idaho-Maryland gold mine will reopen and pump over a million gallons per day for the next 70 years.

That’s enough daily water supply for every person in Grass Valley, but that’s another story. Our little road that we all maintain and pay for is now being subjected to commercial use. I’m told that it is the fire marshalls opinion that our road is not zoned for commercial use, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

We’ve been listening to trees falling and heavy equipment for the past month, and watching our road get abused by this new heavy traffic and the new strangers. It may get interesting around

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